Manga Paper

December 1, 2010

The most common paper used by manga artists is Deleter Comic Book Paper.  It comes in many types, but the two main types are the A and B paper.  Deleter paper is size A4, so it it a bit bigger than normal copy paper.  

The first type I’m going to talk about is the A paper.  This paper is ruled, meaning there is a ruler on all four sides of the paper.  This is very handy for ligning up panels and other details on your manga page.  There are also dotted boxes for page numbers, printing cut off lines (anything outside of that line will not get printed), as well as a drawing frame.  All lines are printed in light blue ink that won’t be visible when you scan the picture.  This paper is available in two thicknesses: 110kg and 135kg.  The 135kg paper is thicker and is less likely to get bent or crinkled as you work on your manga page, or when you store it.

The next type of paper is the B paper, which is the same size as the A paper, buy doesn’t have any of the ruling or lines that the A paper has.  It is just a plain piece of paper.  It is really good for drawing the splash pages of your manga and can even be used with Copic markers.  I found that the Copic colors look very nice and vibrant on Deleter paper, but use the 110kg paper rather than the 135kg paper so it doesn’t absorb as much of your Copic ink.

So those are the two main types of manga paper!  I like how the translation from Japanese to English on this product is so terrible!  Here’s one of my favorites: “Be careful not to cut a hand at the end of a paper.” Hahaha!

4 Responses to “Manga Paper”

  1. I’m confused on what type of paper you’re talking about … there’s several different types:

    Type A A4/110kg or 135 k
    Type A B4/110kg or 135 kg
    Type B A4/110kg or 135kg
    Type B B4/110kg or 135 kg
    Type C B4/135kg
    Type D A4/135kg


    What’s the difference between each one?

  2. okay zkittyz wrote this tutorial so I’m not exactly sure on what she meant but it seems like she’s talking about the A and B paper and the A4 paper (she says “deleter paper size is A4…”. The image also looks like she’s talking about the 135kg paper.

    Though for my own bit, you should use what paper you want in this case. Difference between Type C and Type A is Type C has simpler guide lines intended more for professional artist. Type D is for 4-koma comics. Type B is completely blank. Heavy weight is thicker paper, use to your own preference :)

  3. I found out that the A2 and B2 part meant, A2 is for like beginners and the B2 is for more professional artists.

    Thanks 100puro :) I’m planning on getting the A A2 :)

  4. Hello, this is great! But a quick question about paper type A: What is the difference between the cutting line and the “line you draw within to give the page a sense of balance”? I’m a bit confused, but if my brain is processing the directions properly, then you ink/screentone to the cutting line, but do not draw the actual pictures outside the the other/inside line, correct?