How To Draw Manga Proportions

September 2, 2011

Use the images below as reference pictures on drawing your own bodies. You can either 1) first sketch the body out and check to see if it fits with one of guides or you can 2) go ahead and mark 7 or 8 head lengths and sketch out the body using the marks as guides. :) It’ll take a while to get this down, so practice makes perfect!                            My friend Yakuru792Yes, it is rin and len :) Click to not strain your eyes

8 Head Body
This can make your character look more realistic and older. Use the guide on the right side to help draw the body.Click to not go blind  This can be used for either male or female characters.


7 Head Body
This will make your character a bit more cartoony or young. This would probably be the most popular proportion. Younger characters will have an even bigger head so their bodies will have even less “head lengths”. This is for both male and female characters.


                                                 Tips and Techniques                                                 

You can start getting the proportions correct easily by getting the shoulders right from the beginning. The range from smallest to largest would be be from 0 to 1. 0 meaning that the shoulders would be the same size of the head, and 1 meaning that the shoulder would come out 1 head width from the side of the head (look at the sky blue line in the picture).

You typically want to stay in the 1/4~1/2 range. I have drawn a 1/3 shoulder in purple in the image and a 1/4 in pink. The smaller the shoulder the cuter, more feminine, and more cartoony. The larger the shoulder, the more masculine and realistic. So the light blue shoulder (1) should be pretty much reserved for realistic masculine characters while the smallest (0) should be reserved for children :)

Click to see me grow :O Here are some more tips and tricks to help you get that body looking right. This goes for all head sizes so you can use this even if you don’t use 7 or 8 head bodies :)


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  1. Thankyou so much for doing a tutorial on this, it helped me out SO much!!! Btw u r AMAZING at drawing!!

  2. Thankyou for the tutorial. It really helped me out with drawing manga bodies

  3. P.S could u please do a tutorial on girls clothes. I know zkittyz did some but there weren’t loads. Thanx!

  4. I didn’t like this video. The most useful part to me was in the Tips and Techniques section were you were talking about measurements and were going through the drawing segments. If this were to be re-done it would be greatly appreciated. And also, I love your work.

  5. I don’t make these tutorials for the beck and call for others I make them in a way I think will help people and if you don’t think so, you don’t have to follow it. I teach things that genuinely helped me but I guess not you. I can only teach this subject pretty much 1 way because that’s the way I learned. You can go look up other tutorials and find one that’s fits you but I won’t be remaking it since I felt like I taught it to the best of my abilities

  6. I will… but only as a replacement for this one video. I like this source to much to just leave it. And I didn’t tell you remake the video, I just said if you did, it would be appreciated. =/ And notice in my comment, I didn’t tell you any ways to improve your video, that’s because I knew the video wasn’t meant for me specifically. Anywho… Sorry If I offended you in any way. I was just trying to get my point across quickly without you having to read as much.

  7. ah no its no problem i think i was just having a stressful day (14 hour flights do not bode well)

    my videos only really help the beginners for now because I want to start from the ground up so I will be covering a lot of the basics first. I will from time to time just give just helpful techniques (like the transparent objects tutorial) this proportions tutorial is also another basic tutorial and I even know of people who don’t need those basic tutorials but watch them anyway because they think its entertaining . _ .;; I suppose I’m grateful that you watched through it anyway! Glad you like my tutorials :)

  8. i love your art on your deviant account and your style. Could you make a guideline for body tutorial? Like for example how to draw a character in a certain pose that has guidelines as a follow up with this tutorial, please :D.

  9. Thanks for this video so much this has been one of the most fun videos i have watched so far of yours (and u have some pretty good drawings)!

  10. Your style is very beautiful I love it if even your video was great it’s not complete so can make a tutorial to show how you’re drawing a human body exactly because we don’t have the really tutorial about the body (male/female)
    Thank you :)

  11. i love the way you draw, 100puro. Can you please do a tutorial specificly on drawing females bodies. they’re sooo much harder to draw than males for me! :)

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