How to Draw Manga Hair: The Basics


Hey guys, I’m back with another tutorial this week and I hope you enjoy it. Next week I’m going to do a tutorial with copic markers so look out for it!

This tutorial won’t cover any specific hairstyle, but teach you the basics on drawing hair and help you to draw bangs. Now let’s get on with the show!

Some semblance of a head
Step 1: Draw the Head

I’ve already drawn the head but if you need help just check out my previous tutorial, How to Draw Manga Face: Front View!



Step 2: Draw the Bangs
Before getting into actually drawing the bangs, you should know about 2 things first:

1) Hair Line- This is the orange line that marks where your hair starts to grow. The lines from your hair should generally follow this guideline so you create a kind of “halo effect” with your lines. Kinda as if you drew a bunch of lines and then went back an erased a big circle towards the top of it. There also shouldn’t be any gaps past the hair line like this:

Nope not there!

2) Growth Point- The lines of your hair should converge to this point. You can have it in the center or on the side, one or two, the world is your oyster! You can even use a growth point for pony tails!

So much hair!Once you start drawing the bangs, I often use an “M” shape for them by clumping some hair in the center and some on the sides. I put hair kinda fraying from this and a bit in between to make it look natural. Remember to vary the hair widths!
Do you see the "M" shape?

I'm finally finished!Step 3: Draw the Rest!
Since I won’t go into any specific hairstyle here are some general pointers:

  • Curve the hair. Hair should curve slightly, even for short hair. You can create really dynamic pictures with long, curving hair. Unless you have it super spiky, I recommend putting a curving or “flipping” nature to your hair!
  • Vary hair widths. You can choose between thin, thick, or tulip type tapering but even if you choose one you should vary up the sizes and probably use somewhat a combo of thin and thick, maybe with a tulip-style taper!
  • Don’t stick hair to the head. Unless you’re straight out from the shower, hair doesn’t stick flat on your head. So draw your hair a bit off from the head essentially making it look “poofy”.

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  1. Asha says:

    Can u do a tutorial on things like different conditions of hair like wet hair? i definitely need to see wet hair. please? thanx.

  2. MangaFanatic says:

    Hi 100Puro. I’ve been wondering, how do you film it? Do you have one of thsoe cameras which you strap to your head or something?

  3. Relina says:

    wow!great video!.can you make a video of long manga hairstyles?Thanks!

  4. .AnimeLover. Paisley says:

    Great vid!!! Can you make a video on some dfferent hairstyles for girls and boys??? THANKS!!!

  5. xXBellaXx xXbellaXx says:

    awesome!!!!!!! thanks for the great video hope you can make many more! you seriously help me with many many things :)

  6. Kitz says:

    Could you show us how to draw male faces in this style?

  7. celty sturluson claudia says:

    hi i was wondering if u could show how to draw durarara characters i try drawing them but always comes out wrong =^..^=

  8. ItsNatu says:

    I hate how awesome this looks. I will surpass you… EVENTUALLY! (2-3 years) Rofl. (imagining things as a competition helps me do better, guy mentality).

  9. magicart404 says:

    i just started drawing manga about a year ago and im pretty good but im have trouble drawing mouths can u help?

  10. jonathan says:

    hey ive been draw manga for about as long as you but they still dont come out right what do i do

    • 100puro says:

      I would recommend more practice drawing from real life and from artists you like. Learning comes from observation and replication and then application! :D;; (wow I just made that all up and it sound oddly rhyming)

  11. stuntlady says:

    This tutorial was great. I couldn’t figure out why sometimes the hair I drew would look really nice nice and then turn around and look more like a combover. I had a big AHA! moment.
    As for the comment about colors, I have 1 12 pc prismacolor set, 1 6 pc copic sketching grays and 1 copic 4 pc copic multiliner set. It’s amazing the range and depth of coloring you can do on so few colors. As somebody once said ” An artist is not only as good as his tools, His tools are only as good as the artist.”

  12. madboutmangaxD says:

    Thanks this was really helpful but in advance for other people I wouldnt use copics on it unless you have like perfect colors