How to Draw Manga Hair: Long Straight Female Style

September 16, 2010

Here is another tutorial about hairstyles!  I had a lot of requests to do long female hair, so here it is!  Keep in mind that this is just one way of doing it, and feel free to change up the details if you want.

Key points to remember:

-Start by drawing the bangs, then draw the basic outline for the rest of the hair.

-In this style, there are a lot of strands visible.  Make some strands thicker at the top, others thicker at the bottom.  Don’t draw a bunch of parallel lines!

-If you could see the hair from the back, the strands would taper into a point.

-Try drawing some strands coming away from the rest of the hair.  You don’t always want the style to look to perfect.  Hair can move around!

-Make sure all the strands of hair originate from the same point on the top of the head.

14 Responses to “How to Draw Manga Hair: Long Straight Female Style”

  1. Where did you get the eraser? Because I need a good eraser.

  2. What is the best way to draw hair?
    What is your best suggestion.

  3. There is no “best” way to draw hair. Everyone draws differently and I promise that what I do isn’t the best, its just a way that works for me. Most people though draw the bangs first and I like using nice,long, smooth strokes for my hair. I do it all in one go, wooshing through it… it just kinda comes a bit more naturally to me so I can’t really explain how you could copy that. I would suggest though looking at drawings of hair that you like, and try replicating it. Take notice of all the curves etc. Good Luck!

  4. When you are “inking” or drawings, do you use the multiliner? If you do, which one do you use?

  5. i use different ones like sakura micron and staedler but I like the copic ones best, i have sp but the multiliner works justs as well :) I use various sizes for each drawing

  6. O ok thanks very much. Where do you get your multiliners from?

  7. I got mine from :)

  8. O ok srry to keep askin questions but did you start your collection from one marker??

  9. no I got a set first, I actually got manga wallet set A but mm looking back its not the greatest haha. I actually like the colors in the ciao wallet set (its recommended in the “got copic?” page) more recommendations are there too :)

  10. thnx alot!!!

  11. The hair style looks really cute!

  12. Oh my gosh…this website has helped me soooooo much! I go on once a day and love your stuff! Could you (Or do you already have) a tutorial on how to draw the torse, legs…all that stuff!?

  13. wow!! you are a really good drawer!!! but one question. where did you get that eraser from?? its so totally cool!!!

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