How to Draw a Manga Face: Front View

August 18, 2011

I know zkittyz made a tutorial for this already, but hopefully seeing 2 ways to draw a front view manga face can help you guys. So let’s get on with the show 100puro style! >:D

badly drawn circle Step 1: Draw a Circle
Just draw a circle as best as you can. Just make sure its nice a round as well as being pretty even. As you can see my circle isn’t perfect either, but if you’re really concerned just use a compass or stencil to help you out.


going photoshop happy Step 2: Add Lines
1- Draw the center line going straight up and down your circle. Extend it a fair distance at the bottom.

2- Mark the chin. The pink line is about the highest and the blue line is about lowest you should mark it. The lowest is about the distance of half the circle. The higher you make it, the more circular and round the face will be. The lower, the more elliptical and oval. Here is an example of the difference between more circle and oval faces: link.

3- Draw the eyeline going straight across horizontally to your circle. The center is the general to put it, but you can go higher or lower, but I recommend not to go much higher than the exact center. Lower will make the character look younger/cuter and higher will make the character look older. Here is an example: link

4- Draw a line halfway between the eyeline and the chin. This will mark the jawline

 Step 3: Complete the Baseface base
Draw diagonal lines between the eyeline and jawline gently sloping to the top of the head. Try to make it as symmetrical as possible.

At the jaw line, gently curve towards the chin. Your line may curve outwards a bit, but this is completely fine and normal. Too curved will make the face look chubby though.

The chin can be either pointy or curved, I prefer curved for a softer slightly more realistic look.

Step 4: Draw in the Featuresfacial features
You generally draw in the eyes in the center of each side of the face. You can make it closer or farther apart, though I tend to go farther apart rather than closer together. The center is most recommended though. A common mistake is making the eyes too big, so try to avoid making the eyes half the size of the face.

The highest the nose should be placed is right under the eyes, while the lowest would be right at the jawline or a bit under. I like to put mine right above the jawline.

The mouth should be placed roughly halfway between the nose and the chin. However, I see a tendency to put it slightly higher and I also prefer this look.

The ears should be placed in between the eyebrow and nose.

finished pictureStep 5: Add Details
Add in details such as the neck and hair, along with anything else you would like to add. For the neck I like to gently curve it out.


 Thank you and Good Luck Drawing!

*Note: This can be used for both male and female faces. You just need to adjust the base accordingly. A tutorial will be made on this later but for now the basic rule is male faces are longer with flatter chins and smaller eyes.


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  1. Wbck zkittyz :3

    Can u make a tutorial about the hair in the wind i wanna try it o3o

  2. Um sorry, I am not zkittyz but 100puro. If you haven’t heard already, zkittyz stepped down from the position and now I took over :D

  3. oh ok

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  5. I normally dont draw guide lines but when i watched this tutorial i decided to give it a go and my manga looked way better! Thanx so much for the tutorial!

  6. no problem! Yea I don’t draw guidelines much either but I tried to keep it simple :) I’m glad it helped you!

  7. hey can u make a tutorial abot differnet ways to make mouths

  8. Love your videos (:
    I’ve been learning how to draw manga by just watching all your videos , they really helped alot , thanks !

  9. before i found this site i was horrible at drawing manga but once i found this and i made my first manga drawing everyone thought it was great! this really helped me a lot! thanks!

  10. Giiiirl, you have helped me so much, thank you. You’re like the friend who can draw manga and teaches me I never had. lol :D

  11. What thickness do you use in your mechanical pencil?

  12. I can’t get the lines for the chin and the eyes right. I either put it too high or too low.

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