How to Draw a Manga Face (Front View)

August 2, 2010

When drawing a manga character, the best place to start is with the face, but getting the facial features lined up can be difficult at first.  It isn’t easy to put this important information into words, so grab your drawing supplies and follow along with the video!  Don’t worry if you can’t keep up with me.  Feel free to pause the video at any time to catch up.

How to Draw a Manga Face (Front View)

So remember these tips when drawing a manga face from the front:
1: Use guidelines to line up features properly.  You don’t want one eye lower than the other!
2: Don’t forget about symmetry!  The eyes and ears have to be the same size when the character is being viewed from the front.  The cheeks also need to lie at the same height on both sides of the face.
3: Draw the nose close to the eyes, and draw the mouth close to the nose.  This prevents the face from looking stretched out.
4: Draw the ears at the proper height.  The tops of the ears lie just below the tops of the eyes.

Keep these tips in mind when drawing manga faces and you will improve in no time!

11 Responses to “How to Draw a Manga Face (Front View)”

  1. Are you a manga artist cause you draw really well

  2. if the question was to zkittyz, then no she is not a manga artists.

    lol neither am I! we’re both just drawing as a hobby

  3. YAY Website! And if it’s YOURS…… well, it’s gotta be the best!

  4. haha thank you for the compliment, though its for zkittyz

    hopefully you’ll still enjoy the website even though its run by me now;;

  5. When will you update? More videos please! I hope you can keep this tutorials alive so you can be one of the few people in the web that can make useful and a more post modern manga style of drawing! Usually I see How to tutorials in the websites that were created for example 2005 and their last update was like 2006 (hello its 2010 already!).

  6. Well I hope I’ll be able to keep mangalessons alive! there was a small break from before I was named to be the new host but updates should be coming in regularly soon!

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  9. hey how do you ceep your camara ubove your painting? I just cant figer it ut!

  10. zkittyz posted a video on that on her own personal channel.
    I have a lamp that has an arm that stretches over my desk and I use a gorillapod tripod to hold my camera on to it. :)

  11. thanks for the info XD