How to Draw a Male Manga Body

October 5, 2010

I figured that since I uploaded a video about the female body, I should probably upload the male version right away too!  The basics are pretty much the same except that the male has broader shoulders, a longer torso, more muscles and less curves.

4 Responses to “How to Draw a Male Manga Body”

  1. I think its awesome how u teach :) would love too see your other tutorials and very helpful

  2. When i first saw your tutorials i instantly fell in love. Your tutorial were very helpful. Also being left-handed, I was very excited when i saw that you were also left-handed. Most manga tutorials i have watched were done by right-handed artists. It was great to see a good manga tutorial done by a lefty.

  3. Hey, I’ve watched so many of your videos for like 2 days and I’d say that my manga have gotten a whole lot better. Here’s my first drawing after a few lessons…

    I’m pretty proud of it and i’m gonna continue to work on it. So thanks for your help.

    Oh and i don’t know if i missed it but do you have a video on shading (like shadows) and will you be putting up a video on female bodies?

  4. wow its always really nice to see how people are drawing after seeing my lessons! :DD so this is a real treat for me and its great to know that you are learning something from me!

    I don’t really have a video on shading though I mention some basic stuff on lightning and such in my coloring videos :D I’m a bit hesitant to make a video on bodies because its such a large topic.. I think people would learn more by self study and observation simply because there’s so much information and I can’t really teach it @ _ @;; (also I don’t draw it perfectly myself haha)