How to Draw a Female Manga Body – Side View

January 25, 2011

Drawing a body from the side can be tricky, so I came up with some tips to make it easier to draw.

I like to start with  the head, then work my way down the front of the torso.  I then draw the back, then the legs.  Try drawing a sick figure initially with balls for joints to figure out your character’s posture.  Then draw in the rest of the details.   I added some tips directly on the drawing, so it makes a good printout for future reference.   Just right click the image to save or print it.

6 Responses to “How to Draw a Female Manga Body – Side View”

  1. I don’t see how Lucy thinks your anatomy is incorrect – I think it’s great. This site has saved me in drawing. I was getting so down on myself for not being able to draw without a reference picture, but this site helped me so much. :) I posted on this specific tutorial because I was also wondering if you could create a Male Manga Body – Side View? :)

    Thank you so much for this site!!!! :)

  2. we all have our own style,there is no wrong way everyones anime is ment to be indivisual,in future why dont YOU KEEP your nasty comments to your self!dont make others feel like a peace of shit because you dont like there style at least shes trying to help other people and SHES actualy doing a great job of it your just going round making people feel like a peace of shit,if you think your so damn amazing why dont you do tutorials and see how you like it when they write shit about your drawings!

  3. Thanks soooo much this helped me a LOT!by the way dont listen to lucy she’s just stuck up and thinks shes the best person ever.

  4. If you dont like it, then why are you here!! How about you go and make your own website showing the “proper” way to do it! Anime/Manga proportions are different. I dont see you helping millions of people draw.  >:p

  5. sure zkittyz didn’t draw the best. She makes her mistakes. But everyone does and there’s nothing wrong for her to teach what she knows. She never claimed to be the best and if people found her knowledge helpful than good for them!

    If you can draw better than feel free to make a website of your own. :)

  6. Thanks! I needed this! :)