How to Color Manga Skin

October 15, 2011

Extra Tips:

Coloring the Face

  • Dark areas you can shade are under the bangs, underneath eyebrows, cheekbone area, nose, underneath mouth, mouthline, and underneath face (neck). Note: you do not have to shade all of these. These are just possible choices.
  • You can add blush also. Typical places to put it are right underneath the eyes or a little bit under them. Make sure to try to blend this well.
Coloring other Areas
  • We are 3-D so try to shade the “shadow” or darker parts a little bit away from the outline. (Example: When shading the arm and one side is darker due to the light on the other side, the darkest part shouldn’t be from edge of the arm, but kinda farther from the edge)
  • To get the most realistic looking shading you should have a general knowledge of human anatomy and muscle placement. You can look up reference books or maybe look in a mirror.

Good luck and get drawing!

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28 Responses to “How to Color Manga Skin”

  1. Hi! its says the video is unavailable.

  2. ah try now, sorry the video was still processing! ^^; It takes around half and hour to an hour to process after its finished uploading

  3. hi i was wondering if u could show me how to draw clothes on a half body because i cant draw boddies so i just draw part of her shirt and arms but never have new ideas on how to desighn the shirt

  4. what colors did u use?

    i couldn’t really hear it

    i just heard E000 and E00


  5. I used the first color combo you saw there at the end with the YR’s :)

  6. hope u can do my request :)

  7. can you teach us how to draw folds and wrinkles in clothes

  8. i agree i think you should do a tutorial on wrinkled cloths because zkittyz didnt do a good tutorial on it

  9. i’m going to use E00 instead of the E000, and E02 for the shading along the bangs, like you did,

    but I’m not sure what color to do for the basic shading (Like the side of the face and the neck). You used E00 but I’m using E00 already for the base color …

    can you help me?

  10. just use a darker skin tone, you can go more red, orange, or brown with your tones and it all depends on you what you would like. I would just recommend you to be careful because I found using E00 as the base to be kinda dark so I say you should make quick, fast strokes to put down less ink :)

  11. What was the color you used at the very beginning? You put down E000 when you said E00 and you put down E0000 when you said E000 so I’m a little confused.

  12. Err i thought it was pretty clear. I used E000 as the base and E00 for coloring the shadows (plus some other darker colors) I never used E0000 I believe. In the beginning I said that I’m putting down a coat of “E triple zero (E000)”

  13. Are you using copic sketch markers or copic manga markers?

  14. there are no copic “manga” markers (at least from what i’ve heard) there are ciao, sketch, original, and wide :)

    oh and don’t be led to believe “sketch” markers are used for sketching, its just the name of the marker :P

  15. when are you gona make youre next tutorial

  16. Where did you go, its been at least 3 or 4 weeks that you disappeared

  17. i have no idea where she went. it’s like she disappeared.

  18. Exactly, where did you go Sarah? We miss your tutorials :(

  19. yea i’m still here but I’m still planning my tutorials @_ @;; got really busy and sick

  20. at least we know you’re still here

  21. When there will be another tutorial? > . <)
    I want to new posts, this blog is very good! * 0 *)

  22. yea there’s a new one out now ^^

  23. I colored it like in the video up to 3:53, but then mine doesn’t look like yours at all …. mine looks more like peach ?

    this color:

  24. Do you have the same colors as me? If so maybe you colored with more ink than I did because I do really fast strokes that don’t put much ink down?

  25. well i did color the skin twice, because the first time, it was really streaky ……

  26. if you did use the same colors, that’s probably why ^^; I tend to color very light for the skin

  27. :D Thanks!I loved your art!the videos are a great help!Can you please post one on backgrounds &/or paneling?

  28. Um, i was wondering about the copic light orange marker, does the marker had a number code like Y something? And what kind of copic markers did use for the tutorial?