How to Color Manga Hair with Copics


Colors Used:

In order: R21 – R43 – RV34 – BV31 – N3 (W3 reccommended)

Key Points:

  • Try to choose colors before hand
  • Slowly build colors from light to dark (dark to light is fine too if you have the confidence)
  • Growth point, ends, and inner hair are darkest
  • Hair is not perfect and flat
  • At least 3 colors are recommended
  • Use careful, but quick strokes originating from the darkest point


  • Try to not use a lot of ink
  • If you’re using thin paper, you might want to give it some “drying time”
  • if you want a swatch book or printable copic color chart, Otakufuel has them

Good luck and get drawing!

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Where I get my copics

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  1. Denise says:

    Your video was really helpful. I’m just starting out with Copics & am having a bit of trouble blending skin colors but feel I a bit more confident doing it your was. Love the hair coloring you did as well. Thanks so much.

  2. star says:


  3. Daphadoo says:

    I have been looking for some videos on shading hair and skin, and this one was great! Tremendous help in my crisis of need for shading and not just blank 2d colors, haha.

  4. KashZero says:

    it my first time reading your blog and it was awesome..your drawing have qualities i been searching..i wonder if u can show tutorial to draw emotion..thanks for great tutorial

    • 100puro says:

      I’m happy that you think so ^^;

      and can I ask which qualities you were searching for? just curious

      • KashZero says:

        most of drawing, i look at their character design in term of hair, facial expression and eyes..your drawing have it great.

  5. xXBellaXx xXbellaXx says:

    this was great! easy to understand ^_~

  6. MangaKitty says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a sugestion for a tutorial.
    Make it about wrinkels on cloths cuz zkittyz didn,t do a good job on it thx