Hair Accessories

January 21, 2011

Ok, when I posted this last night, I had troubles getting the video to embed, and then it finally worked, but when I checked the site this morning, the video was gone!  So here is my second attempt at posting this one:

I get A LOT of requests for hair accessories, so hopefully this gives you some ideas!

I just want to quickly say that from now on, I will be posting less videos, and more pictures with text. I just find that there is very little for me to say that hasn’t already been mentioned in the video, plus the videos are very time consuming to make. I will still have videos, because some tutorials are best explained with videos, but I feel like this is just a place where I just regurgitate videos that I uploaded to YouTube. That makes it pointless for people to even come to this site when they could just stay on YouTube. I want the focus to be on the blog, and not the YouTube channel, and I want the blog to actually feel like a blog.     :)

Ok, it’s not working. Sorry guys! I’ll post a picture I took (not a scan, so it’s not the best quality) and you can click this link to go to the video on YouTube. This situation is further backing up my decision to post less videos on this blog!

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