Drawing a Character Looking Back Over Their Shoulder

April 5, 2011

This tutorial follows my last tutorial about head angles.  I’m going to show you how to draw a character looking back behind herself.

Here is the basic body pose I am using.  The shoulders and face are the most important.  The vertical line is closer to one side on the face, and the horizontal line slopes down a bit as it gets closer to the viewer.

Next I added in the general shape of the body.  Notice how one shoulder is lower than the other.  I also added an indication of the cheek on the right side of her face.

Do you recognize the character?  It’s Chihiro from Spirited Away!  At this step, make sure the eye on the far side is touching the side of the face.  Don’t center the nose.  The nose should line up with the close side of the far eye (if that makes sense).  The expression on the character’s face is up to you.  Chihiro looks slightly surprised and as if she’s talking to someone behind her.

Here is the inked version so you can see the lines more clearly.

Feel free to leave a comment requesting a specific pose or angle for a future tutorial!

17 Responses to “Drawing a Character Looking Back Over Their Shoulder”

  1. Spirited Away! haha great film! Thanks for the tutorial, I like the end picture.

    Keep up the YouTube’s though! I’m addicted to your channel, MaxiPad64

  2. LOL u think ur a professional?? look at markcrilley on youtube or the guy who made bakuman or so many artists on deviant art most of them r much younger than u and draw 100X better dude u need to look at those drawings more closely and maybe one day you’ll see that they suck monkey ballz  xD hahaha u cant even draw hands corectly or even the body

  3. zkittyz never said she was a professional. She actually explicitly said that she didn’t think she was a professional.
    making rude comments won’t get you anywhere. We’re all learning how to draw alright? If you don’t like the site you should just take yourself someplace else.

  4. exactly, bailee never said she was a professional, besides she’s just trying to help people who can’t draw manga as well as Mark Crilley and other people on youtube, go somewhere else

  5. i love all ur vides !!! zkittyz

  6. Can you draw manga animals. That would be so awesome if I could draw my pet dog manga. Give it a go.

  7. maybe? Though I’m not that very good with drawing animals.. I would recommend looking up reference pictures for this and simplifying it so its more “suitable” for manga art :) Though I have seen super detailed animals in manga (take Eden no Ori for example)

    So actually what you should be looking for is “how to draw animals” not exactly “how to draw manga animals” since they’re pretty much the same. Animals are not my area of expertise, though I can draw people somewhat okay > 3 >;;

  8. Thx, I could just try drawing my dog normally, then with bigger eyes and sort of rounder. What do ya think?

  9. I would actually keep the eyes a more normal size-ish? Well i guess it depends on what you’re going for but check out “inubaka” on google image seach (i’m pretty sure thats a manga about dogs) and you can see how they drew them :)

  10. Thx some of the pics there r gr8 I wonder if they do hamsters? R u going to add anything else to the website coz I have done most of it and I want to find out a new way of doing bangs.

  11. Well zkittyz won’t be adding more but I’ve added a hair tutorial recently here, though you may have already noticed :)

    In that tutorial I do go over how to draw bangs, though not any specific style but more like how you could create styles of your own using the rules I’ve given you. I have yet to do an eye tutorial but it’s coming soon!

  12. I mean Bangalore and eyes

  13. Not Bangalore. I means bangs and eyes
    So sorry. It’s just the writing guess is so annoying

  14. i love all ur drawing on deviant art they rock espeacially the one with the hellokitty hat i would love to know how u drew that !!!!!1

  15. i would really love if u could show me how to draw durarara.. mikado,masomikida,anri all together its my favorite anime!!!!1 ever !!!!1

  16. wow u are one rude person sarah williams :((((( !!!!!

  17. Thanks i needed this! and your character on this page looks bad ass!

    honestly i was needing a more back facing over the shoulder.

    like you in the closet looking for clothes and some ones behind you. you glance at them (pose) the back view of the pic you drew sort of.

    i suck at illistrations cause im just starting. do you have any tips?